The Perils Of Popularity

Jesus withdrew together with his disciples to the lake, and a big crowd from Galilee adopted. After they heard all he was doing, many individuals got here to him from Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, and the areas throughout the Jordan and round Tyre and Sidon.

Mark 3:7-8

We’ve problem greedy the dimensions of this crowd. This was not only a few individuals, or perhaps a few thousand. There have been actually tens of hundreds of individuals, undoubtedly, on this crowd. They got here from throughout this nation and past. They flocked out from all of the cities to listen to this superb prophet who has risen in Galilee and was saying such startling issues.

You’ll be able to see how Mark traces the emphasis upon the gang all through this division. In verse 20 he says, and once more a crowd gathered, in order that he and his disciples weren’t even capable of eat. Then, in verse 32: a crowd was sitting round him. And in chapter 4, verse 1: Once more Jesus started to show by the lake. The gang that gathered round him was so giant that he bought into a ship and sat in it out on the Lake… After which, in verse 36, Mark says, Leaving the gang, they went throughout to the opposite facet of the lake. In chapter 5, verse 21: When Jesus had once more crossed over by boat to the opposite facet of the lake, a big crowd gathered round him whereas he was by the lake. And in verse 24: A big crowd adopted and pressed round him. So that is the interval when Jesus is pressed by the good lots of individuals, the interval of His biggest recognition.

For a lot of, this has been the measure of Jesus’ success, as it could usually be in evaluating a profitable individual right this moment. Anyone who can obtain an awesome crowd-following is thought to be a hit. At present we name these individuals stars—there are star actors, star athletes, star singers, star politicians—varied individuals who have attained what in our day is a mark of success. No surprise the title of one in all right this moment’s hottest musicals is Jesus Christ, Celebrity. He’s the one who drew all these nice multitudes out from the cities of His day.

However as you learn this account by means of, you see that Mark’s intention is to underscore the weak spot of recognition; the empty, hole worthlessness of being well-liked; and the way a lot harm and hazard recognition produced in our Lord’s ministry. One of many worst issues that may occur to us, as this account makes clear, is to change into caught up in a well-liked motion. False forces come up out of it. That’s the complete thrust of this part. Mis-emphases simply spring into being—and wrongful attitudes come up readily in a well-liked motion. Recognition, subsequently, must be watched fastidiously. And when a motion is well-liked, as Christianity is well-liked in lots of locations right this moment, we should be cautious that we’re listening to the voice and the Spirit of God.

Father, thank You for the reality as it’s in Jesus. Assist me to watch out for the perils of recognition.

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